15 thoughts on “Wind Ensemble

  1. Spring break homework: practice 6 hours on our region music. You can also practice on music that you might be performing on State Solo and Ensemble. You also need to listen the recordings from tour, there are 4 of them and they are found on the website. Come back ready to discuss the comments and add some of your own. Once you have practiced the 6 hours and listened to the recordings your parent must email me before midnight on Sunday April 6th. We will have rehearsal on Monday April 7th at 6:15 am as well as Tuesday. Region is on April 8th at Taylorsville High. We will leave Cottonwood on a bus at 3:30 pm. Have a great Spring Break!!!

  2. Thursday Wind Ensemble (Region auditions) will be perfoming their Solo and Ensembles in class. Next Monday will be the remaining (Non Region auditions) for Wind Ensemble . Reminders: you need to dress up (job interview standards= tie for men, dress pants/skirt, dress shirt, dress shoes. etc.) you need to provide a score for the judge to look at and give comments. Best of LUCK!!!!!!

  3. Assignment: At the beginning of class on Thursday 2/6 bring me a piece of paper that gives your critique of the youtube video of our students that is on the home page of this website.

  4. Extra Credit:
    On Friday when you enter class bring me a piece of paper that has the answer to the following question.
    Who composed the March we are playing?

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