2020-2021 Music Committee



Abby still needs to write a bio.



Aubrey still needs to write a bio.



Bridget still needs to write a bio.




Cali still needs to write a bio.

IMG_3920Chloe: Violin, Viola

I’m a member of Granite Youth Symphony, I like spicy food, Isabelle is my best friend, I like to hike and I love gelato. : )

IMG_3912Dean: Percussion

Left handed, cowbell enthusiast, on a constant quest for pants that aren’t too short. I edit this website, so let me know if you have any suggestions.

IMG_3918Isabelle: Violin

I am Micronesian. I love sriracha and Chloe and Brooke are my best friends.


Jared still needs to write a bio.

IMG_3907Joseph: Percussion

I strive for greatness in every hit of the vibra-slap, blow of the slide whistle, and shake of the flexatone. The answer to my most commonly asked question is yes, it did hurt when I fell from heaven.


Sam still needs to write a bio.


Sierra still needs to write a bio.


Zac still needs to write a bio.


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