2016-17 Music Committee

This is a couple fun facts about each member of Committee


Angela Pham: Viola
(801) 859-5474

Meme master

Unlimited Asian jokes


Jacob Pearson: Cello
(801) 882-1524

a) Puns for days

b) Master at playing commercials on his cello

c) Amber wants to choke him for reasons a and b


Hali Wolters: Piano/flute
(385) 229-6377

Tynan’s favorite

Casually roasts people

Most responsible in all of committee


Katie Metcalf: Harp
(801) 919-4754

Yes, his name is messed up on purpose.


Ethan Parker: Trumpet
(801) 792-7371

Occasionally takes his job seriously

Indian Prodigy


Will Kemner: Trumpet
(801) 927-8723

Loves everyone

Hates Chris.


Christopher Herrera: Clarinet
(801) 702-1137

Never owned a turtle

Edits videos

Gets roasted by the entire music department

Can bench 250 but can’t take a nut


Ethan Stewart: Bass
(801) 520-8756

“One day these Caterpillars will turn into beautiful butterflies”

Pickup master


James Daley:
(385) 226-2764

Clarinet Section Leader

Clarinetist turned into choir/drama kid

Actual name is Jimmy


Phoebe Little:
(801) 745-7476

Jams out to the most hardcore rap

Has the most instagram followers




Abby Smedberg:
(801) 821-8298

Only one that can tolerate kissing Ethan #?


Jayden B:
(385) 444-1607

The Buffest guy at Cottonwood



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