14 thoughts on “Concert Band

  1. Assignment: please keep practicing your scales over the Spring Break. You will have a quiz on Monday the 7th on the circle without looking at the actual scales. Can only look at the circle.

  2. Thursday you will be performing your Solo and Ensembles in class.Reminders: you need to dress up (job interview standards= tie for men, dress pants/skirt, dress shirt, dress shoes. etc.) you need to provide a score for the judge to look at and give comments. Best of LUCK!!!!!!

  3. Assignment: At the beginning of the next class period 2/6 bring me a piece of paper that gives your critique of the youtube video of our students that is on the home page of this website.

  4. Extra credit: Tell me on Friday the name of the school ghost. You must hand me a piece of paper with the answer on it as you walk into class.

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